Moodboard: 90’s Nostalgia

Lately all I want to wear are biker hats, caps, metallics, and monochrome ensembles .  So below are several collages I put together to entice the inner 90’s gal to come out swinging. Subsequently most of these images are sourced from the 90’s, so here goes another nod to nineties nostalgia.


Woke up feeling like a bad ass? Throw on a biker cap, eyeliner, and leather anything. Oversized gold or silver jewelry always helps to complete the ensemble.


Rough night? Relax and take a casual approach for the day. The perk? You can hide bedhead or unwashed hair under your favorite cap.



Channel the pre-y2k generation by dressing in shiny, spacey hues. From pleated skirts to rad bomber jackets, you can look out of this world in fly get-ups like these. Spaceships not required.



Black and white, two classic colors that match with practically everything. When paired together, you get one dynamic duo. Do it up in stripes, checkerboard prints, houndstooth, or plaid. With an easy palette like this, you can end up looking chic, sporty, preppy, or casual.


By: Elle Yoo

*collages by me, photo sourced from


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