Links To Make Ya Dance

Recent links tickling my soul.

HAIM Days Are Gone Album: I’m going to shut the door and have a solo karaoke session to this album. This trio of sisters cite influences from 90’s R&B, hip hop, and some new funky folk–and it’s all there. It’s one of my favorites kicking off this month with feel good music only. Spinning Haim constantly.

Deap Vally – Walk Of Shame: Off their Sistrionix album, this song is for all good girls and bad babes. It pumps through your blood and makes you feel unabashedly powerful. The last line is killer, “I’ve got better things to do, I can’t get breakfast with you.” Now try saying that and walk with NO shame.

RecessThe Box (episode): Since I’ve been searching for Halloween costumes of 90’s cartoon characters for nostalgia sake, I came across this episode of Recess. I remember watching this as a kid and realizing how affected I was by rules, therefore hating all rules immediately afterwards.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Since it is October, start with this video and proceed to the rest. The best thing about this show is in the beginning, a short briefing by Hitchcock himself. I can listen to him talk all day.

Double Double Toil And Trouble (1993): This isn’t Hocus Pocus or anything close, but it does the trick. Mostly because anything Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen related will interest me–as a kid and even now. This movie makes me wish there was a huge haunted mansion somewhere nearby, mainly to experience somewhat of a scary Halloween. And of course, this movie involves another set of twins played by Cloris Leachman, dualing between good and evil.


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