Monthly Archives: October 2013

Photo Icon: Diane Arbus

“I really believe there are things which nobody would see unless I photograph them.” – Diane Arbus My first introduction to a Diane Arbus photograph was in my late-teens visiting New York City, shuffling around the city streets and popping in and out of galleries. Back then (and even now) I was thirsty for art and […]

Moodboard: 90’s Nostalgia

Lately all I want to wear are biker hats, caps, metallics, and monochrome ensembles .  So below are several collages I put together to entice the inner 90’s gal to come out swinging. Subsequently most of these images are sourced from the 90’s, so here goes another nod to nineties nostalgia. BIKER BABE Woke up […]

Links To Make Ya Dance

Recent links tickling my soul. HAIM Days Are Gone Album: I’m going to shut the door and have a solo karaoke session to this album. This trio of sisters cite influences from 90’s R&B, hip hop, and some new funky folk–and it’s all there. It’s one of my favorites kicking off this month with feel good music only. Spinning Haim constantly. Deap Vally – Walk Of Shame: Off their […]