DIY: Customized Pins

Making your own customized pins is a perfect way to personalize any shirt, jacket, backpack, and any other clothing/accessories in your wardrobe.

I’ve been making my own for a while now and thought it was a quick, easy DIY for everyone else to do. It’s also a lot more cost efficient to make your own. You can buy pins for $1-5 each, or make several of them for under $1 depending on your supplies.

Here’s what you’ll need

Wooden cut-outs in different shapes


Photos, magazine clippings, spare cloths, etc.


Glue gun, scissors, pin clips, Mod Podge, glue brush, nail polish, pen


Here are the steps


For easy pins like these, all you need to do is buy mini wooden cutouts and take your glue gun and attach the pins to the back.


And voila! Simple and easy. It takes about 10 seconds.


Now for the cut out pins in different shapes.

Take your photos, magazine clippings, spare cloth, etc….I have a vintage photograph of Marilyn Monroe, a magazine clipping of a Roy Lichtenstein painting, Eggleston’s 1975 photograph of a girl on the grass, the first page of an old Encylopedia on Space, a small clipping of Andy Warhol’s painting of Marilyn, and a spare rabbit print cloth–because it’s cute!


Place the wooden cut outs where you would want to include in your pins.


Trace the shape with a dark pen and cut out the shape using scissors.


After you cut the photo out, take your thick brush and seal together using Mod Podge. You want to put a thin layer of Mod Podge on the wooden cut out, then place the photo on top of it pressing down gently. Then put another layer of Mod Podge on top of the photo to seal it. This step is important in preventing the photographs from scratching over time.


After everything is sealed, glue the spare pin backings to the back of the cut outs and you have customized pins in different shapes!


For monogrammed pins, take your wooden letter cut outs and decorate them with nail polish (or paint). I’m choosing a holographic green for the base layer and adding glittery gold on top–for shine.


After decorating, glue gun the pins to the back and here are the results!


All of these pins take less than five minutes to make. Now you have a bunch of your own pins decorated to your liking. Enjoy!



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  1. Must Have Boxes · · Reply

    Such a cute idea!

    – KW

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