DIY: Floral Tiara Crown

I make things all the time, call it an addiction.

Since I’ve been making floral crowns and floral tiaras for a while now, I wanted to show you how I put my spin on floral crowns by using a tiara base. Your result is somewhat similar to a Meadham Kirchoff-like kitschy spectacle.

All you need is: Tons of fun junk and materials like fake flowers, pompoms, gems, buttons, ANYTHING!

The “serious” stuff would be a glue gun and craft scissors.

Take your tiara and attack it with all your junk! Use the glue gun to fill in any empty spaces. I wanted to use the pom poms as a base for all the other lighter items. Then, I would stack the mini fake flowers and gemstones onto any open areas.

And voila!

Now you have a colorful, magical head piece.

It fits so nicely on my nightstand.

Now go out and make your own!


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