If You Have A Pulse



I’m always sketching out images for certain phrases that just happen to stick with me, since I’m also a sucker for visuals. When I heard this one, I felt an immediate connection. Whether you are developing as an adolescent or coming of age as an adult, everyone has a moment of crisis when they feel completely lost. LOST, it sounds so ominous doesn’t it?

As with all things, being lost will eventually pave way for you being found. I go through periods like this quite frequently, but I enjoy them. I think about how boring my life would be without ups and downs, without uncertainties, and without these tortuous moments of crisis. What’s funny is these conversations I have with friends to comfort them, are the same conversations I’ve had with them in the past. WE ALL GO THROUGH IT, again and again. It’s because we’re complex people. We think our lives are perfect one day, and the next day it’s not.

Be thankful. Having a perfectly carved out life is mundane. I’ve never strived for that and still don’t. But guess what? I’m completely happy being lost.


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