Monthly Archives: September 2013

Monthly Journal – Creation

I decided to create a small 8mm movie of my diary/journal/sketchbook for this month. I used a song by Mornings called “Wasted” that captured the mood (at least for me) of what I felt this month. Advertisements

What Girls Are Made Of

It Might Be An Addiction: Game Apps

IS THIS YOU? *Actual convo between a friend and I. Yes, I play games to pass the time. It’s an addiction I can’t kick! Plus, it keeps my mind active and allows my inner competitive fire to unleash–without hurting anyone. These are the ones I have been playing lately. 1. Plants vs. Zombies: The entire point of the […]

DIY: Customized Pins

Making your own customized pins is a perfect way to personalize any shirt, jacket, backpack, and any other clothing/accessories in your wardrobe. I’ve been making my own for a while now and thought it was a quick, easy DIY for everyone else to do. It’s also a lot more cost efficient to make your own. You […]

Styled: Thriftland Of Wonder

I wanted to style a shoot where all the clothes featured were either thrifted or vintage. So here it is! My Thriftland Of Wonder

Table For One? Book: After Dark

Murakami novels always put me in a stagnant, weird mood. I’ve been reading AFTER DARK lately, and I started to highlight all the songs he references in these stories, perhaps hoping to learn more about the characters. The entire books focuses on the feeling of loneliness and isolation within Tokyo, a huge, metropolitan city. I […]

DIY: Googly Eyes Hair Barrettes

Guys, I’m all about googly eyes! It adds a certain cartoonish element to an overall look, which is never a bad thing. You can make them into collar pins, hair pins, or hair barrettes (which is what I did here). I made these funky barrettes using various ones from the craft store. Supplies I used Colorful googly eyes, […]